Valerie Anne Hudson

Award-winning historical fiction writer

Valerie Anne Hudson

Born and raised in Birmingham, England, Val was pushed into the teaching profession as were thousands of her peers during the same era 
(a long time ago, but it would be embarrassing to say exactly how long) due to a teacher shortage. Her dreams of living the glamorous life of 
an air stewardess dashed, Val was packed off to teachers' college, followed by a couple of years teaching in inner city Birmingham--quite the 
learning curve for any young teacher. 

But Canada was calling. Some family members had already immigrated to this wonderful country, and Val was determined to join them. Once 
in Ontario, it was a shock to be informed that her British teaching qualifications weren’t sufficient to get her back in the classroom. Not to be 
deterred, Val worked for the Bank of Montreal by day, while earning her Bachelor’s and teaching degree by night. 

Having taught for over 25 years as a regular classroom teacher, a French teacher, and in her later years, Special Education teacher, Val has 
since retired and set up her own copywriting business in a fervent desire to write. An award-winning writer, she now spends most of her time
 writing historical fiction rather than copywriting, which, after all, is far more entertaining!

As an avid reader, Val has recently set up a book review service for other authors. If you are in need of Amazon reviews, 
or if you are interested in a press release for your book, please visit