Valerie Anne Hudson

Award-winning historical fiction writer
My Friend The Giraffe

My Friend The Giraffe

My Friend The Giraffe
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With a brand-new baby sister at home, 5-year-old Oliver isn't getting much attention. But that’s okay, because Oliver has other things on his mind. On an unforgettable trip to the zoo with his class, Oliver gets to meet the most amazing creature he’s ever seen – a giraffe named Jesse. Jesse the Giraffe makes such an impact on Oliver that he makes a beeline for the school library to find out all there is to know about giraffes.

That night, Oliver gazes in awe at the beautiful giraffe pictures in his library book until he falls asleep. But in the middle of the night a gentle tapping at the window rouses him from sleep. And there’s Jesse the Giraffe at his window, waiting to take him and his friend Noah on the most incredible adventure to the plains of Africa, where Oliver learns an important lesson about what it really means to be a big brother.
15 pages | B08PW6BJLL | December 6, 2020