Valerie Anne Hudson

Award-winning historical fiction writer
The Corset Factory, Book 1: Threads of Destiny

The Corset Factory, Book 1: Threads of Destiny

The Corset Factory, Book 1: Threads of Destiny
The Corset Factory 1

In the heart of Victorian London lies a tale of two women … bound by their stations, yet worlds apart.

Lottie Crawford's life in poverty sharply contrasts with the luxurious existence of Elizabeth Gilbert, daughter of a wealthy industrialist. While Lottie toils long hours in low-paying jobs as her family descends into despair, Elizabeth yearns for a life beyond the gilded cages of high society.

In "The Corset Factory," their worlds collide amidst secrets and scandals. Lottie, a girl of quiet strength and compassion, struggles under the weight of her family's crumbling world. Her brother's criminal acts and a looming eviction threaten to shatter their lives. Elizabeth, fiercely intelligent and desperate for power, crafts a dark plan to secure her freedom. Their paths intertwine at Mr. Gilbert’s new corset-making factory, a place of harsh realities and hidden truths.

As Lottie uncovers shocking secrets about her own identity and battles for justice in the oppressive factory, Elizabeth's sinister plot to gain control unfolds. In a world where a woman's fate is often tightly laced by society's expectations, both must fight for their destiny.

"The Corset Factory, Book 1: Threads of Destiny" weaves a captivating tale of determination, betrayal, and the relentless pursuit of one's place in a world that often seems predetermined. What will the fates hold for Lottie and Elizabeth?

The answer lies in the turning of these pages, where every thread of destiny is intertwined.

306 pages | December 3, 2023