Valerie Anne Hudson

Award-winning historical fiction writer
The Corset Factory, Book 2: Flames of Destiny

The Corset Factory, Book 2: Flames of Destiny

The Corset Factory, Book 2: Flames of Destiny
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In the shadows of Victorian London, a tale of secrets, betrayal and redemption unfolds at Gilbert's Corset Factory.

Emily Brown, a humble maid, and Lavinia Thomas, the factory's talented designer, find their lives entwined in a sinister web when the ruthless Elizabeth Bertram sets her sights on the factory. As Elizabeth's cruel schemes threaten to destroy everything they hold dear, Emily and Lavinia must summon the courage to stand against her and uncover the shocking truth behind her husband’s death.

With the aid of a cunning private detective and a circle of loyal friends, they navigate a treacherous path, their quest for justice leading them from the grim cells of Newgate Prison to the glittering ballrooms of high society. Each step brings them closer to unmasking Elizabeth's crimes, but also puts them in grave danger.

In this riveting sequel to Threads of Destiny, the indomitable spirit of a community of women shines through as they unite to protect one of their own. Brimming with suspense, heartbreak and hope, this unforgettable story celebrates the strength of friendship and the pursuit of righteousness against all odds.

Will Emily and Lavinia expose Elizabeth's murderous deeds before it's too late? Or will the price of truth and justice prove too high to pay? Step into the world of The Corset Factory once more for a gripping journey into the heart of Victorian intrigue.