Mariposa Mysteries Trilogy

The Trilogy consists of three stories: Watch What You Wish For, Magic and Mischief in Mariposa and The Wizard Wannabe

A trilogy of fast-paced coming-of-age adventure stories, full of magic and strange paranormal events. With unforgettable scenes, inspired characters, and fun storylines, Mariposa Mysteries provides a wonderfully entertaining fantasy read for kids of all ages!

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Watch What You Wish For

Book One of the Mariposa Mystery Series

When three seventh-graders discover a Wishing Tree, they accidentally unleash its evil powers and the once thriving town of Mariposa becomes a shadow of its former self. As people go missing and lives are turned upside down, our unforgettable heroes are desperate to get things back to the way they were, while unknowingly on a journey of self-discovery.

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Magic and Mischief in Mariposa
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Book Two of the Mariposa Mystery Series

Reconnect with Merlin, Sophie and friends as they battle an ancient evil spirit that seeks revenge on the town of Mariposa!

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The Wizard Wannabe

Book Three of the Mariposa Mystery Series

Fourteen-year-old Merle was born with real magical powers and has practiced the art of magic for almost his entire life. As his powers grow, Merle comes to believe that he is destined to become a great wizard. His love of magic turns to an obsession, his friends turn away from him, and an evil entity starts to control his thoughts.
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My Friend The Giraffe

This short read-aloud is perfect for children aged 2 to 5. It tells the story of 5-year-old Oliver who's going through some difficult adjustments with a new baby sister at home.On a trip to the zoo with his class, Oliver makes an extraordinary new friend, Jesse the Giraffe. Jesse takes Oliver and his friend Noah on an amazing African adventure, and as a result, Oliver starts to realize the value of family and of being a big brother.
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