Valerie Anne Hudson

Award-winning historical fiction writer
A Twist of Fate (Maids of Maddington Book 3)

A Twist of Fate (Maids of Maddington Book 3)

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London, 1912 

Who in their right mind would want to apply to work at Maddington House? Grim and foreboding-looking from the outside, the Madhouse--as it is commonly referred to—has such an evil reputation that the locals cross the street when walking by.


But for 17-year-old Anya, a housemaid position at the Madhouse is a refuge, providing a convenient hiding place from the criminals hunting her down. Until she discovers that she’s in just as much danger from within the house as she is outside of it, that is.


Daisy, meanwhile, is not the little maid that started in the scullery anymore. Desperately wanting to prove how grownup she is, Daisy has big aspirations to leave the Madhouse to work for a grand lady and travel the world.


As Anya and Daisy tell their stories, we are once again drawn into the lives of the Montague family and their servants. And when two members of the household sail off to New York on the Titanic, lives are forever changed by more than a single twist of fate.